About Duchy Canine Hydrotherapy

Duchy Canine Hydrotherapy is run by Stephanie Ridout. Steph holds an FdSc Animal Behaviour and Psychology, BSc (Hons) Animal Behaviour and Welfare and Level 3 Diploma in Small Animal Hydrotherapy.

Hydrotherapy Pool

The purpose-designed hydrotherapy pool has an area of 5-metres by 3-metres with ramp or hoist access. There is space for dogs of all shapes and sizes. The water is kept at a constant therapeutic temperature of 30° C and with added feature of jets and underwater cameras.

Chlorine levels and PH are closely monitored and tested three times a day.

Underwater Treadmill

We have a Tudor Treadmill with an incline and with entry and exit doors each end. This means your dog doesn’t need to turn around to exit the treadmill.

Our Tudor Treadmill provides the latest technology, enabling tailored programmes specific to your dogs’ needs and requirements.


The Jacuzzi Spa has 8 directional massage jets which can be adjusted towards painful areas of the joints. This will deliver to your dog the ultimate relaxing massage. The warm water and massage jets will increase the blood circulation, reducing stiffness and ease any discomfort.

The spa is particularly good for elderly or arthritic dogs and can be used before or after a hydrotherapy session or as a standalone treatment.

All dogs receiving hydrotherapy at our centre will either wear a float coat or harness and will be accompanied in the pool and underwater treadmill by a qualified hydrotherapist. To ensure your dog’s safety we only allow one dog in the pool at any time and each individual must have a completed and signed vet approval form. (click to download)

What to bring to your dog’s session:

  • Bring your dog’s favourite toys and treats to help with encouragement
  • Your dog’s own towel
  • A drying coat or warm coat to ensure your dog is kept warm after their session – especially in the colder months
  • Completed and signed vet approval form

More about your dog’s session:

  • Please keep your dog on a lead at all times
  • Ensure your dog is not fed up to 2 hours before or after your session
  • If you would like your dog shampooed at the end of their session, please feel free to bring a suitable shampoo with you
  • We recommend you create your dog’s own hydro kit bag