Duchy Canine is Sponsoring Canicross UK!

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Great News! We’ve Become Sponsors!

As we love dogs here at Duchy Canine Hydrotherapy, we feel it’s a great idea to become sponsors of Canicross UK!

Canicross is a ‘pawsome’ sport in which owners and dogs exercise together, create a ‘paw-tastic’ bond and improve physical and mental health of both human and animal.

dog Arlo in pool at duchy canine hydrotherapy, cornwall

What is Canicross?

Canicross is a sport that is open to all abilities. You certainly don’t have be of Olympic standards to go running with your four-legged friend!

Canicross involves running off-road with your dog.

The dog wears a harness which is designed to allow them to pull, you wear a belt or harness which allows you to run hands-free.

You are attached to your pooch by a bungee line, and you can then tackle some off-road running.

Training is required so you can run safely.

Is Canicross Popular?

Yes, this sport is becoming popular with clubs forming around the country. There is one local to us that serves the Cornwall and Devon area.

Is Canicross Safe?

As with all exercise, knowing how to do it safely is the key.

Canicross UK includes walk/jog sessions for those new to the sport.

These sessions include how to fit the harnesses and belts, how your dog learns the pace changes, overtaking safely and other aspects. The session covers about 3 miles each time.

The next stage is the group Canicross beginner lesson, followed by improver lessons for those with Canicross experience.

The improver sessions concentrate on pace change, descents and speed work and you can work to Bronze, Silver or Gold standards. So, we are back to the Olympic theme mentioned earlier!

Are 1-2-1 sessions available?

Yes there are bespoke lessons for beginners or for those some experience.

These last two hours.

There is also the guided runs option.

Canicross Standards

The Bronze, Silver and Gold standards give participants the chance to improve their skills.

The Bronze standard includes being able to change pacing with voice request, Canicross etiquette, and recognising hazards.

Silver standard will show you can keep a reasonable pace for one mile, run uphill using correct techniques and that you can run on varied terrain.

Gold standard will show you can hold a reasonable pace for three miles, have a confident race start , and run with your dog either behind or at your side.


Virtual Races

While the Covid-19 restrictions are currently in place, if all goes to plan these should be lifted by late spring 2021.

In the meantime, virtual racing has taken the sports world by storm. Canicross UK does hold virtual races from time to time.

You really can’t beat the real thing, though and this will return once we can all partake safely!

How Duchy Canine Hydrotherapy Is Involved

As well as being based near to our hydrotherapy centre, Canicross UK is a ‘pawfect’ fit in terms of us being able to help dogs in need.

Our hydrotherapy pool, Jacuzzi spa and underwater treadmill are here for the benefit of dogs that need some help with their sporting fitness, health and ability.

Here at our spotlessly clean premises, we keep everything superbly clean and follow all Covid-19 guidelines to keep everyone safe. 

This includes handwashing on arrival, social distancing and other measures. 

We feel very proud to be sponsors of this popular sport and we’ll keep you updated as to developments and future events!

Read all about us on the Canicross UK blog page!

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