Duchy Canine Hydrotherapy

Prices & Treatments

Here is our Price List and List of Treatments available here at Duchy Canine Hydrotherapy!  Remember your vet needs to approve any visits and treatments that your dog might need.

  • Initial assessment (1 hour) £60
  • Treadmill and pool sessions (30 min) £34
  • Block of 10 Pre-paid (including initial assessment and free 11th session) £366
  • Fun and fitness £30
  • Block of 10 pre-paid (free 11th) £300
  • Puppy swims (12 weeks to 10 months) £25

Please note that your dog will not be in the pool or treadmill for the whole length of the session. The times given include a health check, pre and post swim showering, and treatment with the hydrotherapist.