Duchy Canine Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy has been used for many years to aid recovery of both orthopaedic and neurological canine conditions.

Here at Duchy Canine Hydrotherapy, we have a pool and underwater treadmill, both are to seen to have a therapeutic impact on dogs and help treat or manage specific conditions. Exercise that either non-weight bearing or reduced weight bearing helps avoid traumas and strains of exercising on hard ground.

Older dogs can benefit from controlled swimming as the soothing effect of the warm water improves circulation and encourages increased mobility of inflamed and arthritic joints. Hydrotherapy is also a great complementary therapy for healthy dogs to improve cardiovascular fitness, muscle tone and general wellbeing!

Following surgery or traumatic injury, our therapies can be used in conjunction with veterinary treatment and hydrotherapy can significantly improve the quality and rate of healing, enabling gradual building up of wasted muscle.

We also welcome swimming just for fun, fitness and mental wellbeing. 

Benefits include:

Some conditions that benefit from canine hydrotherapy:

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